Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Everyone starts somewhere.


As I drive home, I have half an hour to reflect and think. My mind begins to daydream.  I fantasize about life, my career, my hopes, and it turns into this magical picture of possibilities.  Creative thoughts are running around in my head, and I decided to sit down, take time, and put them on paper. So, for those interested, the following is my open diary about my journey, my career, as a personal trainer.

How I got to where I am continues to amaze me. I feel so damn grateful to be where I am, working at Pulse.  Meeting Holly is probably one of the greatest things that has happened. I give so much thanks to my best friend Aly for being the wonderful soul she is and introducing us. If it wasn’t for her talkative ways and thoughtful gestures who knows if this would of ever transpired.

Let's start from the beginning:

Ever since I graduated high school I became more intrigued with fitness. Workouts, nutrition, healthy habits; I just couldn't get enough of it. In free time I found myself reading health articles, googling recipes, and trying new workouts. I knew this was a clue. I knew I had too much passion and interest in this field to not pursue a career. I just didn't know where to start.

6 months ago:

 Holly, owner of Pulse, heard, through the grape vine, I was interested in personal training.  We sat down, got a vibe for each other, shared our visions on fitness, and she suggested a certification I should obtain to begin.

As I left our introduction, I felt beyond excited and couldn't wait to purchase the text book, study, and become a certified personal trainer. In all honesty, it took me a couple months to finally purchase the book due to finances and deep down being scared. It can be frightening putting all this time, money, and commitment into something I still wasn't sure if it was meant for me. I think I get this from my mother. I play it too safe. I need to just do sometimes!
I finally purchased the text book and began studying while working at a credit union. That job was easy and comfortable. I had great co-workers. I knew the job like the back of my hand.  It paid the bills. And right there was the problem.  Easy. Who wants easy? That is when you stop challenging yourself. You forget what accomplishment feels like and slowly lose yourself.
One day I had enough.  I decided to take the risk and move on.  Trust me, it was not easy – quitting to pursue a dream – hoping to become a trainer.  I was tired of sitting back in the passenger seat. It was time to take control of my life. Was it foolish? Irresponsible? Reckless? Call it what you want, but I know myself well enough to stop settling, stop being TOO safe, and start chasing my dream. I needed to make a change. A change towards a bright future doing a job I knew I would love. A job I want to do for the rest of my life. I got in contact with Holly and we sat down again, but this time for an interview.

This brings us to today!

I am working at Pulse; it’s been two month. As I think back to my first day I can’t even remember it. Normally, when you start a new job you have phases or transitions, but I never had that. It just fit like I was the missing puzzle piece. It just worked with such ease and I remember feeling so at home after my first week. It had felt like I had been there forever.

I am looking forward to the future and the new clients I will gain. I am excited to see who walks through the door to train with me!

So here we go! (look for more posts each week)